Jeevan Marg Sophia Secondary School

Deoria Sadar U.P., 274001

Affiliated to I.C.S.C. Board, New Delhi, Christian Minority Institution under Art. 30 in the Indian Constitution.

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Deoria, in the eastern most part of U.P. Ė is a fertile land fed by rivers at the foot of the mighty Himalayas.
Sugar Factories break almost abruptly into the glistening paddy and sugarcane plantations. Being essentially agricultural, the place lacks educational amenities.
             Jeevan Marg Convent School was started by Bishop Patrick DíSouza, He was then the Bishop of Varansi, Gorakhpur Diocese. Father Stany DíSouza the founder of this School wanted to hand over the School to some Sisters. At the request of  Bishop Patrick DíSouza, The Congregation of the Mission Sisters of Ajmer could not resist the plea of Bishop, an Ajmerian and a Missionary at heart, to assist him in the work of Education. So  the Mission sisters took over the Kindergarten School in Deoria in January 1973.
             The School was started in a club on 24th July, 1972 by Fr. Stanny DíSouza.
             The Jeevan Marg Sophia Secondary School is conducted by the Catholic church, in the Diocese of Gorakhpur. This School is run by the Mission Sisters of Ajmer, members of a Religious Congregation who have dedicated their lives to God and humanity by voluntary service in the educational field.
             The School caters  both boys and girls of all castes and creed whether rich or poor.
             The aim of the institution is to give the Indian children the benefit of a refined education on modern lines with facilities both for study and domestic training. A sound moral training is imparted to them to help them cope with the useful knowledge and accomplishments adapted to their age and social standing. Pupils under the beneficial influence and supervision of the sisters are trained to acquire self-reliance and become  conscientious citizens. The staff spares no efforts to create a congenial and happy environment for their students and provide every facility to develop their individual abilities and talents.

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