Jeevan Marg Sophia Secondary School

Deoria Sadar U.P., 274001

Affiliated to I.C.S.C. Board, New Delhi, Christian Minority Institution under Art. 30 in the Indian Constitution.

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JMSS at a Glance:

The School caters to the needs of children from classes I to X besides L.K.G. and U.K.G.
The school is affiliated to the I.C.S.E. (Indian Certificate for Secondary Education).
The School has well ventilated, spacious class rooms.
Science Labs for all the three science subjects Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
A well equipped library with books and study materials for every need. Air conditioned computer lab with latest computers for individual attention of children.
A big play ground, Basket Ball court, Park for small children, indoor games and other recreational facilities for physical and mental development of children

1. Student are ordinarily admitted in L.K.G. There are no regular admission to other classes except to fill up vacancies, as they occur.
2. No student will be admitted unless he/she produces a transfer Certificate from his/her previous school. If he/she has not attended a school previous, he/she must produce an official Birth Certificate. In addition, the parents of all applicants must sign an age declaration guaranteeing that at no time and under no circumstances will any request be made for change in the date of birth.
3. The Date of Birth once entered in the admission register of the school will not be changed, as it is against the law.
4. A student applying for admission will be subjected to an entrance test.
5. Admission to all classes is on the basis of merit, interview and availability of seats. No recommendation of any nature shall be entertained. The decision of the Principal about admission is final.
6. At the time of admission a student has to submit the following documents;
¨ Transfer Certificate (Original Copy) from the       previous school duly signed by the Principal       concerned.
¨ Progress report of the previous class passed.
¨ Conduct certificate, if applicable.

Examination and Promotions:
1. Regular Class tests will be held in addition to the examination.
2. Promotion will depend on evaluation of these tests and the examination.
3. A Pupil absent from any test or examination for any reason are not re-examined and those without grave reasons will be considered as having failed. In the case of illness a doctor’s certificate should be produced.
4. Absence from one or more subjects involves a loss of marks for those subjects and excludes the pupils from being reckoned in order of merit of rank in the examination and from proficiency prizes.
5. Result declared at the end of the year are final in all cases and will not be reconsidered nor will the answer paper be shown.
6. A student failing twice in the same class will have to
     discontinue his/her studies in the school.
7. No pupil will be admitted to any of the examinations unless he/she has paid all school dues and has the required attendance i.e. 80% of the working days.
8. Purposefully abstaining from examinations or boycotting examinations will invite dismissal from school.
9. Promotions are done on the basis of the results of all the tests and examination. If a student has not appeared in any of the tests fully or partially, he/she must obtain 40/100 marks in all the subjects in the Annual Examinations for passing.

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